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Michelin Regional Maps for Thuringhen, Sachsen, Germany (544)

Michelin Regional Maps Thuringhen, Sachsen, Germany (544)
Michelin Regional maps offer more detail than Michelin National maps. They show most roads, most tourist attractions, town plans and driving times. Ideal if you want to explore the real character of a region away from the main roads and motorways.
Scales vary from 1:140,000 to 1:2,400,000.

ISBN: 9782067183636

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Germany - Regional Maps

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 Michelin Regional Map - Baden-Wurttemberg 545 Michelin Regional Map - Baden-Wurttemberg £5.99
 Michelin Regional Map - Bayern 546 Michelin Regional Map - Bayern £5.99
 Michelin Regional Map - Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 542 Michelin Regional Map - Mecklenburg-Vorpommern £5.99
 Michelin Regional Map - Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg 541 Michelin Regional Map - Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg £5.99
 Michelin Regional Map - Thuringhen, Sachsen 544 Michelin Regional Map - Thuringhen, Sachsen £5.99